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very truthful, and  he released  them after presenting to them
the country of Karnata.
In obedience to'his (the Sultan's) commands, the two
heroes soon reached the river Krsnavem, crossed it on a boat,
and went to war with king Ballala and sustained defeat.
Then they reached the foot of a tree in the midst of a
forest in a tired condition, and one of them, Harihara, fell
asleep with his head on the lap of his brother.
He then dreamt a dream that a Yogi and Siddha by name
Eeva^a brought and handed over to him, the great king, a
fine crystal lihga of Candramanli ; he also said: * From this
moment permanent success will attend you and you will soon
be master of a throne and also meet Vidyaranya * and having
said this he disappeared immediately.
Waking up from his dream, he (the king) told everything
to his brother and the two brothers were very delighted.
They then re-formed their scattered forces which had joined
them by then, and afterwards met the sage Vidyaranya and
praised him 5 he gave them his blessings. They took leave of
hiiat went again to king Ballala, overthrew him (in battle) and
then tte two heroes ruled the kingdom in their might
They discovered the throne (siwhapttha) abandoned on the
field af battle, and having taken possession of it they came
*ad settled in the city called Hastikona on the banks of the
Tungabhadra.                         """        **"
After a tiuae they once started out on a hunt, crossed the
Tungabhadra river, and in the forest on the southern bank
$*ay saw a hare that was tired ; then their servants released a
pack qf hounds, and themselves ran after them to capture the
bar*; Wt tfce hounds turned back (in fear) and the hare
Waskei; ctm&iaering this a mystery, the hunter-servants
**rrat6d thiť incident to the two kings, who in their turn
Ša it to the holy and learned teacher, the sage Vidya-
the object of the grace of Veda Vyasa. Hearing their